Scotch eggs

Scotch Eggs


  • 1lb sausage meat
  • 5 hard boiled eggs, with shells removed
  • 1 large raw egg
  • 3oz approx of dry breadcrumbs
  • Pinch of mace, salt, freshly ground pepper
  • Small quantity of flour
  • 1 tablespoon water
Essential 26 cm Wok 
  • Dust the hard boiled eggs in a little flour.
  • Mix the mace, salt and pepper with the sausage meat and divide into five equal portions. Place on a floured surface.
  • Wrap/mould the sausage meat round the egg, making sure there are no gaps.
  • Beat the egg and water together and coat the meat-covered egg with this and then breadcrumbs (you may have to press the crumbs onto the meat).
  • Deep fry in hot oil (360F/185C) taking care as you put the eggs into the oil. Cook for about 5/6 minutes.
  • Our Essential 26cm wok is perfect for frying your scotch eggs in oil , turn them frequently to ensure the meat is fully cooked.
  • Drain and serve hot or allow to cool and keep in a refrigerator for a cold snack later.