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How to choose the right dinnerware

Posted on June 01 2021

Over the past years, we at Sabichi have developed a substantial dining offer for you. As we have many options to choose from we thought it would be a great idea to tell you a bit about them and help you decide which one will best for your dining needs!


Porcelain is a fantastic everyday material for dinnerware. It is extremely durable and with a nice white crispness to it, it looks fabulous alongside our colourful designs.

New Bone China

New Bone China is a type of porcelain. It does not use any animal contents, instead it is produced by adding mineralizer and calcium oxide (which has similar elements as bone ash) to the raw material. The firing temperature and production technique slightly differ from porcelain production and therefore it is classified as a type of porcelain that has a resemblance of bone china.


Stoneware dinnerware is made from a different type of clay to porcelain dinnerware and is fired at a higher temperature. It has a thicker build and feels heavier than porcelain or new bone china dinner sets. The name refers to stone-like appearance, it can be glazed, matt or with a gloss finish. All our stoneware dinnerware are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Reactive Glaze Finish

Reactive glaze finish refers to the technique of the dinnerware coloration which is created by a chemical reaction during the firing process to produce a particular pattern. Due to this technique and nature of these products expect a slight variation in the appearance of each unique piece.

There is a universal tolerance of 5mm for all dinnerware items.

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How to choose the right dinnerware